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If your expertise falls within the Engineering, Operations and/or Manufacturing vertical, we just may be your new best friend!  This is where we shine!   Whether you are bravely taking the proactive step to drive your career forward or you have unexpectedly found yourself in need of employment, let's chat!

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CLIENTS - Companies

WHY partner with Spectrum for your professional-level TECHNICAL ENGINEERING, OPERATIONS AND MANUFACTURING hiring needs? Simple. Keep Reading...

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Change happens! We can help. Whether you have one or one-thousand employees, we can personally help each one. Most people are not prepared for the highly-competitive job market they are about to enter. We can set them up for success.

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Since 1993

Our Team

We tried to start a band, but that didn't work! So, here we are... The Rock Stars of Recruitment!  We are a diverse team of experienced technical recruiters, human resource (HR) experts, master resume writers, and job-search coaches.  Our real passion is to help companies manage the natural ebb and flow of their talent pool by fulfilling both your Engineering Recruitment and Outplacement needs.  At the end of the day, we are group of dedicated HUMANS who love what we do and make every effort to insert humor, joy and lightheartedness into, what can be, an emotional and exhausting time.

Our Mission

Our evolving, human-driven, partnership-focused approach is unique to the always changing recruiting industry. We foster relationships built on empathy and trust.  We CARE that ALL candidates are given equal opportunities to better themselves, their situations and their families.  We CARE that a company is getting a team member who will positively contribute and elevate the group as a whole.  We CARE about making a difference and exceeding all expectations.  We CARE about you!



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Questions?  Thoughts?  Want to be part of The Solution?  Got a good joke? We would love to hear from you! Contact us today.