This is not rocket science, until it is!

If you’re GREAT at what you do, we want to get to know you!  Please email us your resume and we'll schedule a call to discuss you and your current situation further.  Info@thespectrumsolution.com

It is common for Spectrum to work on positions that cannot be shared publicly. If we know you then we can share this information and expose you to more opportunities! Remember that your information will ALWAYS remain confidential until you give us permission to share it with our hiring managers.

Again, we specialize in placing professional- level engineering, operations and manufacturing experts.  If you do not have this background, we may have to refer you elsewhere. Nothing personal.

Weekly Job List:

Every Wednesday we send a brief email to our candidates highlighting details of our OPEN and ACTIVE opportunities.  If you would like to receive this list for job-search purposes or to simply maintain a pulse on what the market is doing - you can sign up at the bottom of our home page.  NOTE:  We will never EVER give your email address to anyone else!



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